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  • Jun012016

    Op ed: What Sydney needs that Israel has in spades

    Australian Financial Review, Johanna Pitman

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  • May262016

    Op ed: Tim Williams on density – we can go up or out

    The Fifth Estate, Tim Williams

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  • May172016

    Op ed: Smart cities need smart governance – discuss!

    The Fifth Estate, Tim Williams

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  • Apr062016

    Committee CEO Dr Tim Williams talks Smart Cities at the World Mobile Congress, Barcelona

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  • Mar302016

    2016-17 Priorities

    We are pleased to share the Committee for Sydney’s brand new 2016-17 Priorities document, developed in collaboration with our Board and Members.

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  • Jan272016

    NSW Achieves Social Housing Breakthrough

    Wednesday 27th January Eamon Waterford Head of Advocacy & Strategy 2016 has begun well with a significant policy victory on…

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  • Dec222015

    Issues Paper 11: Are We There Yet? Value capture and the future of public transport in Sydney

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  • Nov192015

    Committee for Sydney calls for digital revolution in NSW government in latest Issues Paper – #wethecity2: From Possibilities to Practice

    18th November, 2015

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  • Oct302015

    Committee for Sydney welcomes new Board members at 2015 AGM

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  • Oct292015

    Committees for Cities and Regions Biannual Conference

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  • Oct122015

    CfS Media Release: Latest research from the Financial Services Knowledge Hub

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  • Oct092015

    Does metropolitan governance bring us closer to resilient cities?

    9th October, 2015 By Dr Tim Williams, Committee for Sydney and Sam Kernaghan, Arup Australasia Published in The Fifth Estate City resilience…

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  • Sep302015

    Tomorrow’s Sydney is coming sooner than you think

    Tomorrow’s Sydney is coming sooner than you think. In fact it starts next week. On Monday, to be precise, when buses will stop running down George Street, the very spine of Sydney’s CBD, as a prelude to the construction of the light rail.

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  • Sep092015

    Time to make Sydney even greater

    THE age of reform is not dead in Australia. It is alive and well in NSW with Sydney as its beating heart. This city now leads the nation not just economically — without Sydney’s continued ­momentum the nation would not have grown at all in the last quarter — but also in terms of policy innovation and structural reform.

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  • Aug212015

    The West Will Show Sydney the Way

    Be in no doubt: the future of Sydney will be determined by what happens in the west and we shape…

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  • Aug142015

    Tim Williams on challenging Sydney to be great: eight debates we have to have

    Source: The Fifth Estate By Tim Williams, CEO, Committee for Sydney Our high-performing Premier Mike Baird himself once described the…

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  • Aug132015

    5 Steps for Tackling Affordable Housing

    By Tim Williams, CEO Committee for Sydney Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 13th August 2015  Housing pornography has returned…

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  • Mar172015

    Sydney needs to learn lessons from world’s biggest cities

    Source: The Sydney Morning Herald Author: Dr Tim Williams, CEO Committee for Sydney Travel can narrow the mind. That is…

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  • Mar042015

    Australia’s first fintech hub set for launch in Sydney

    Source: ARN Author: Brian Karlovsky  Sydney is three steps closer to unveiling Australia’s first fintech hub to help foster and…

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  • Jan272015

    NSW Election March 2015: Sydney Manifesto

    Greater Sydney is home to 65% of the State’s population and produces 73% of its wealth. It is thus central…

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  • Dec192014

    A Plan for Growing Sydney

    A Plan for Growing Sydney Contribution to the debate from Penrith Councillor Ross Fowler OAM Friday, 19 December 2014 The…

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  • Dec032014

    Bays Summit: Turnbull and Atkinson reply to critique from Farrelly

    Source: The Fifth Estate Authors: Lucy Turnbull and Maria Atkinson It was a privilege to be invited to The Bays Precinct…

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  • Oct162014

    Opinion Piece: Why cities are the orphans of public policy

    Source: The Fifth Estate Dr Tim Williams will provide a keynote speech at the National Growth Area Alliance (NGAA) Congress…

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  • Sep112014

    Opinion Piece: Baird gives a lesson in joined-up local government

    By Tim Williams, CEO Committee for Sydney  Published: Daily Telegraph THE latest installment in Premier Mike Baird’s bold reform ­program…

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  • Sep082014

    Positive city making role played by councils: CfS Vision

    The Committee for Sydney has undertaken to share with you the great work currently being done by leading councils in…

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