In collaboration with our Board and members, the Committee has developed 5 focus areas for 2016-17 which drive the direction of our work and provide a framework for our advocacy, events, publications and media activities.


1. A City for All: Managing Sydney’s Growth

The population of Greater Sydney is expected to double in the next 40 years. If we are to build a liveable and productive Sydney for 8 million, it cannot be based on the sprawl model of development – business as usual will simply not be able deliver a dynamic and sustainable Sydney. We have to design a future for Sydney which is about ‘density done well’ – a Sydney of smaller homes, great shared spaces, and bigger lifestyles.

Supported by the Planning, Housing and Governance Taskforce

2. Protecting and Enhancing Sydney’s Appeal

Global cities compete across a range of indicators –transport infrastructure, business environment, natural assets and the very freedoms and lifestyles they offer their residents. What must not be forgotten is the important role of the cultural, sporting, leisure and visitor offering in a city’s appeal to global talent and investment. Indeed, it is the richness and diversity of what Sydney offers to businesses, visitors and newcomers which helps distinguish us from our competitors across the Asia- Pacific region.

Supported by the Liveability/Loveability Taskforce

3. Keeping Sydney Moving

Truly competitive global cities have the transport infrastructure to match their aspirations. While Sydney’s transport offering continues to improve, we need a step-change in provision if we are to equal the performance and accessibility of our competitors. The momentum towards a modern public transport system for Sydney needs reinforcing as vital to economic success and access to opportunity across the city.

Supported by the Transport Taskforce

4. The Data-Driven, Responsive City

Cities everywhere are exploring digital technologies and platforms to improve the way they manage resources, movement of people and goods, delivery of services, and the design and provision of infrastructure. There is renewed momentum for Sydney becoming a ‘smart city’ that is data-driven and responsive. As Australia’s global city and home to the nation’s largest concentration of ICT firms and start-ups, Sydney has a natural advantage in adopting and benefiting from new digital platforms and the Internet of Things.

5. Driving Sydney’s Productivity and Competitiveness

As Australia’s global city, Sydney is the beating heart of the national economy. To maintain global competitiveness we must embrace disruption and lead the way in the development of ICT services and innovation by stimulating collaboration between and within sectors. Our competitiveness is dependent on attracting the best global talent to our private and public sector organisations.

Supported by the Professional and Business Services Taskforce and the Financial Services Knowledge Hub

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