Greater Sydney Commission & Transport for NSW

Joint submission to the Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and the Transport for NSW Draft Future Transport Strategy 2056

December 2017

Greater Sydney Commission

Draft District Plans and Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056

April 2017

Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities

Inquiry into the Australian Government’s role in the development of cities. Our submission focuses on the sustainability transitions in existing cities.

July 2017


NSW Government

NSW Fair Trading Statutory review of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010

January 2016

Australian House of Representatives

Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Inquiry into capturing the value of transport infrastructure

February 2016

NSW Government

Independent review of the impact of liquor law reforms

April 2016

House of Representatives

Standing Committee on Education & Employment Inquiry into innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy

May 2016

City of Sydney

Creative Spaces & the Built Environment draft discussion paper

May 2016

City of Sydney

Car Sharing Policy Update

June 2016

City of Sydney

Cultural Ribbon Draft Strategy

September 2016

NSW Government & Australian Government

Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study

October 2016


NSW Roads and Maritime Services

Sydney City Centre Improvement Plan

January 2016


Transport for NSW

Sydney Metro City and Southwest station options

July 2015

Australian Government

Vision for a Science Nation: Consultation Paper

July 2015

City of Sydney

Housing Issues Paper

August 2015

Transport for NSW

Point to Point Transport Taskforce Discussion Paper

September 2015