A Smarter, Data Driven City

A Smarter, Data Driven City
Priority 01

There is renewed momentum for Sydney to become a
‘smart city’ that is data-driven and responsive. Sydney
has a natural advantage in adopting and benefting
from new digital platforms and the Internet of Things.
However, smart cities require smart governance,
collaboration between the public and private sectors
and imaginative use of digital platforms to engage
with residents and businesses and enable them to fnd
shared solutions to urban challenges. The Commitee
is dedicated to supporting Sydney’s journey to
becoming an even smarter and more responsive city.

Smart Cities Taskforce
Ensuring a global, liveable connected Sydney

Technology is changing the way we live, communicate
and work. We now have the ability to access data and
integrate technology to improve the liveability,
workability and sustainability of Sydney. Taskforce
members represent our growing tech sector,
Government agencies, global organisations and
knowledge institutions. Members will focus on
coordinating policy around the development of
Sydney as a smart city and enabling technology
integration across business and government as a way
to secure our long term economic and social success.

Chair: Dorte Ekelund
Deputy Chair: Caity McLoughlin

Driving Sydney’s Productivity and Competitiveness

Supported by the Professional and Business Services Taskforce and the Financial Services Knowledge Hub