Driving Sydney’s Productivity and Competitiveness

Driving Sydney’s Productivity and Competitiveness
Priority 02

Sydney is the beating heart of the national economy. Our financial and professional services are the fastest growing sectors in the economy. To maintain global competitiveness we must embrace disruption and lead the way in the development of ICT services and innovation by stimulating collaboration between and within sectors. Our competitiveness is dependent on attracting the best global talent to our private and public sector organisations. Our appeal and growth as a city where the world wants to work requires us to cement our reputation as an innovation and entrepreneurial hub.

Professional and Business Services Taskforce
Enhancing the business environment and promoting Sydney’s position as a competitive global city.

Financial and professional services in Sydney make a bigger contribution to Australia’s GDP than mining and agriculture put together. This Taskforce focuses on the significance of these sectors, not just to the state but to the nation, and explores opportunities to promote and enhance Sydney’s position as a regional business and financial services hub in the ‘Asian 21st Century’.

Through continuing projects such as Sydney as a Global Talent Hub and the industry-led Financial Services Knowledge Hub, this Taskforce will continue to explore the challenges and opportunities for businesses in these sectors to build relationships, highlight successes and develop and advocate for appropriate policy.

Chair: Kate Jordan, Clayton Utz
Deputy Chair: Ken Woo, PwC

An Inclusive City: Managing Sydney's Growth & Prosperity

Supported by the Planning, Housing and Governance Taskforce